Various sweets for Diwali to brighten up the festival of lights

Diwali is the festival of light. People celebrate the festival of light with decoration and firework. The sweets are closely associated with Diwali. People in India used to come together and make sweets together. Various type of sweets are made and distributed among family, friends and neighbors. Exchanging sweets and gifts is a very old tradition that is closely associated with Diwali celebrations.

Diwali Sweets

dewali_sweet4Diwali is the festival of sweets. On Diwali, sweet shops are packed with all type of sweets. People can find not only local sweets but also sweets from other part of country. People enjoy sweet at their own home and homes of relatives and friends. Enjoy Diwali sweets and celebrate Diwali with loved ones and friends.

Motichoor laddu: Laddu is a favorite item in every festival. Laddus can be made of several ingredients. These laddus taste really good and when baked properly with ghee, the color turns golden.

Jalebi: It is a sweet that cannot be described in words. It’s a preparation made of curd and flour along with some sugar syrup as well. It is said to be from Punjab. It is first baked in oil to make it crunchy and then they are dipped in the sugar syrup. Colors of the jalebi differ from state to state, but the actual recipe stays the same.

Kaju katli: Another well-known and loved sweet is the kaju katli. This sweet is made by mixing sugar, cardamom, and cashew paste with ghee. After cooking the mixture, it is wrapped in a silver foil and normally cut into diamond shapes. This recipe when substituted with the pistachios is named as the kaju pista.

Peda: This is a special sweet prepared for making offerings to the God. After that, peda is set to be distributed as the prashad. It takes only sugar and khoya to make this sweet. But to make khoya, you will need to cook the milk until you get a thick residue. There is no specific shape and color of this sweet. You can add flavor to it and cut it into any shape you want.

Burfi: This is another milk product. But it has added flour to it. Burfi is harder. Several flavors can be added to give them different taste and color. Almonds, mango, cashew and many other flavors can be added. Mawa Burfi is one of the most popular sweet in India

Several other delicious and well known sweets are available during Diwali. Customer can find the sweets in local shops or they can buy Diwali sweets online. If they are looking for online Diwali gifts and sweets, they can visit online portals such as Lovenwishes. These portals are known for online Diwali gifts delivery all across India. Through their online pan India presence, with in few hours they will be able deliver your order for gifts delivery on Diwali. Celebrate and enjoy the festival with loved ones and friends.


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