Mother’s Day Gifts – What To Give To The Most Priceless Person

Mother_s Day

The mother is the greatest person on earth for any child. They say, since God cannot be present on earth all the time for his children, he created a mother for every child. Such is the status of this lovely creation by God himself. Why not give her something extra that she deserves on her special days. This Mother’s Day, let us raise a toast to motherhood. Let us show all our love and thankfulness for bringing us up the way she did. Mother’s Day gifts go a long way in conveying our feelings.


The celebration of mothers dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans who honored goddesses Rhea and Cybele. However, it was the Christian festival of “Mothering Sunday” that actually gave rise to mother’s day as a festival. Initially, this was considered as a time when the devoted would attend their mother church, for a special service. As time passed, children started presenting their mothers with flowers and other symbols of love.

The world owes the official mother’s day holiday to Anna Jarvis, who coined mother’s day, to honor the various sacrifices mothers make for their children.

Surprise Her!

Mother_s Day gifts

Your way of expression is not measured in terms of the money you spend to surprise her. Little gifts like flowers, cake, etc. are enough to let her know how much you love and cherish her. Some of the loveliest things that you can think of as Mother’s Day gifts are:

  • Flowers: There are a variety of roses and exotic flowers to express your love. Packed into a beautiful bouquet or an attractive basket, the roses can also be delivered in a delicate vase if you wish so. Then there is a collection of all colors of roses arranged in a heart shape.

At times, you can combine flowers with your mother’s favorite chocolate, cake, dry fruits, anything that she loves. Even your teddy too, after all, it is her day.

  • Cakes and Sweets: The delicious cakes will make anybody’s day. Pick up a black forest, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate truffle, or anyone from the available flavors and send it hoping to its destination or team it up with flowers and chocolates. It all depends on how to want to make the special person feel even more exceptional.

For the more traditional mothers, there are Indian sweets to satisfy her sweet tooth. Select from a range of Gulab Jamun, Kaju Katli, Motichoor Ladoo, Rasgulla, etc. You can pour all your love into these sweet, syrupy delicacies.

  • Chocolates: Who doesn’t love chocolates? You think your mother does not love them just because she has been giving you all these years. It’s your turn to give her now. Mother’s Day gifts are never complete without Ferrero Rocher, Cadburys, assorted chocolate goodies bag.

These gifts can be delivered to India from any country across the world. So even if you are far away, do not worry.You can still send gifts with the best love and wishes to your mom. A gift on Mother’s Day expresses your love to her in spite of your busy schedule and other personal commitments.


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