Father will Love Receiving Unique Gifts on His Special Day

fathers-day-giftsOften, the mother receives all the credit for rearing her children, making the household a haven of peace, etc. People tend to forget that the father plays an equally important role in the domestic arena. It is to remind them of this lapse that Father’s Day is celebrated across the world. The third Sunday in June is reserved for expressing appreciation regarding his contribution as a parent. This is when one should look for unique Father’s Day gifts.

For His Sweet Tooth

Does this man love gorging on delicious sweets? Now, there are several varieties. Therefore, it is up to the giver to decide what will appeal to Father’s sweet tooth more, in comparison to other sweets! For instance, there are the ripe-brown gulab jamuns, all soft and squishy, yielding loads of sugary juice. They jostle with the pure-white rasgullas, which are equally mouth watering and syrupy in taste. Then again, there is the assortment of sweets containing cashew nuts, different kinds of laddoos, tasty pedas, and so on. Oh, it is enough to drive the taste buds mad!

In case, sweets are not really his style, the giver may go for melt-in-the-mouth cakes comprising of diverse ingredients, scrumptious chocolates, or yummy dry fruits.

For the ‘Child’ in Him

Everybody loves a good cuddle! Since ‘live’ human beings may not always be available, it might be a good idea to use soft toys as apt substitutes. As everyone knows, teddy bears top the charts as far as soft toys are concerned. This bear may be as tiny as six inches, or as large as 20 inches, but he will never fail to provide the requisite affection whenever desired. Some specimens even have their arms stretched out, as if inviting ‘father’ to just jump into them! A sensitive and sentimental man would love a plump, baby pink or deep pink bear with bright button eyes and pert nose. The macho type would prefer all shades of brown or red. Finally, there are the hugging teddy bears, with their arms entwined round one another and mischievously loving smiles on their faces!

An individual, with a wacky sense of humour, may prefer an Emoji, instead of a teddy bear. To illustrate, one has huge sunglasses covering the eyes, while the other has a one-eyed smile on its face.

Personalised Gifts

It is also possible to award a personal touch to Father’s Day gifts. These gifts will be visible to the eyes throughout the year. The store offers an array of products, such as customised key rings, coaster, coffee mugs, cushion covers, wall hangings, tiles, calendars, mobile covers and bottles. It is possible to opt for decorated photo frames too, wherein pictures of individuals, couples, or families may be placed. Then again, a deeply spiritual person would welcome marble/brass idols of his favourite deities. If one wished the recipient to live long, lucky bamboo plants that suggest longevity, are great options.

Other alternatives for Father’s Day gifts are gift hampers, personal care, clothing accessories, watches, flowers and apparel.


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