Why the Raksha Bandhan Festival is so Important

raksha-bandhan-giftsMention Raksha Bandhan and people will immediately think of Rakhi Gifts. Many people are so much into the gifts part but not many know about the importance of the festival or even the gifts.  It is the festival that has been celebrated since the ancient times. Many just know it as the siblings’ festival. But what exactly is the significance of this great festival that is always celebrated with much pomp and color especially among the Asian communities?  The following are a few findings on the importance of Raksha Bandhan and from this one can now understand why it is accorded the attention and importance it gets.

A Duty To The Siblings

From the cultural beliefs and practices, this festival has bestowed a duty on siblings to celebrate this day together. This means that siblings have a duty to maintain their bond of family ties. That is why this festival is in place to bring them back together. With the changing lifestyles all over the world, the changing set up of life has separated siblings. For instance, working terms and conditions may force some siblings to stay away from each other for a long time. This may in return work negatively on the bond that siblings once had. It is then their duty to celebrate together this festival which works to rebuild the bond between each other.

It Is a Time for Prayers

Sisters have the duty to pray for their brothers on this day.  They pray for their brothers’ prosperity and well being as well as good health. This is mostly symbolized by tying a bracelet otherwise known as the rakhi on the brother’s wrist. This is an expression of the trust that she has put on him. It is also a sign that the sister is giving her blessings to the brother. On the other hand, the brother assures the sister of his protection always. This has got to be the most important part as it is the climax of the celebration.

A Time to Give Gifts

It is not all over with the prayer s from the sisters and the assurance of protection from the brothers. The best part for many is here! Gifts! This is the day when Rakhi gifts are exchanged. Initially, it used to be the brother showering the sister with gifts but nowadays even sisters buy lots of gifts for their brothers. There are no limitations as to what one should get their sibling for a gift. One only needs to make a few considerations. Such considerations can be based on the personality of the sibling, the budget one is working with as well as the season. Being a sibling one knows the other too well and therefore getting them a gift may not end up being much of a challenging task.


With the above, at least one has gotten an idea of why the festival of siblings is significant. The bond between siblings is meant to remain tight. This is because siblings will lay the foundation for the direction an entire family is going to take. On the gifts, be sure to get something that communicates the love and rekindles the bond between each other.


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